The life and times of a real 30 year Las Vegas Pawn Shop Veteran .....As Seen on TV!

Pictures from the show! More to come as I get them.

Bryan Knox, our auctioneer

Jason McCoon bids for the antique radio

Troy Howerton takes on the action figures

Bryan Knox doing a VERY lively auction

Chip Plemmons, pawnbroker from Canton. NC

Bryan Knox, nationally ranked auctioneer

Glen Parshall, looking at a set of dueling pistols

Troy Howerton, picker from Sand Diego, CA

Glen Parshall and the Apollo pictures

Bryan Knox getting ready to start

Chip Plemmons getting ready to deal

Jason McCoon considering a bid.

Glen Parshall and the electro-shock therapy unit

The four REAL DEAL dealers outside the dressing rooms

Glen Parshall looking at a fossil