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Whenever people hear that I work in a pawn shop in Las Vegas, the first thing they usually will mention is 'I guess you must see a lot of unusual and choice jewelry.' Guess what - they are RIGHT! You simply cannot image the variety of all the items we see. I doubt very seriously that many other jewelry or pawn shops in any other location could match our inventory OR the variety we see!. After all, this is LAS VEGAS, a very international city that everyone comes to for the entertainment, food, shows and gambling. And sometimes, just sometimes, those very same world travelers need money and will pawn just about anything you can think of. And when it comes out of pawn, we have it for sale.

Until now, you had to come here to take advantage of this unusual shopping feast. But no longer - thanks to the Internet! Featured on our site is some of the finest and most unusual jewelry items the world has to offer.

Take a look below and see a small sampling of our wares. And when you find something that tickles your imagination, just click on the order button to send in you order via our secure order system. We are set up for BOTH credit card orders and an automatic checking system that will take the information and submit a check against your account. No extra charges for using either form of payment. If you would like to send us a check or money order via snail mail to pay for your order, follow the instructions to order with a credit card, leaving the number blank but send me an email advising me that you wish to do this and we can hold the item(s) for seven days. You will receive an email confirmation back. All items subject to prior sale.

As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


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We do have many items, including jewelry listed on the many internet auctions that we do. Click here for a link to the lists!


So just what do we take as payment for our merchandise? How about US currency, approved checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover/Optima, American Express, Diners Club, travelers checks, money orders, gold dust and nuggets, diamonds, unused US postage stamps, silverstrike slot premium tokens, some foreign currencies, colonial currency, rare coins, gold, platinum and silver coins and bars, 'obsolete' paper money, Confederate currency (some of it is worth FAR MORE than the yankee equivalent!) and ....most ATM cards!


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